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    31 comments  ·  XG Firewall » Base System + General UI  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    What we will do:
    Allow XG software installer to run on XG hardware appliances, after removing current partitions (same option as UTM9)

    What we are not planning:
    We will not allow software install to run trivially on a system currently installed with XG.
    We will not make any effort to support on-system wireless, on software installs.
    The system will not report itself in any way as an XG appliance, inside the OS.

    Paul commented  · 

    Jeffrey - Thanks so much. I've had another go after your post and this time used your method (I used gparted last time and can only guess that I didn't delete the partitions properly)
    Just to confirm for anyone, mine is an XG125 with SW-SFOS_16.01.1-202.iso and all is working a treat.

    Paul commented  · 

    Now tried with SW-SFOS_16.01.1-202.iso and still nothing doing. Wiped all the partitions that I could see (/dev/sda /dev/sdb) but made no difference. In fact the web admin console was still accessible!

    Re-insalled with HW-SFOS_16.01.1-202.iso no problem.

    Alan, is it possible to give any indication of when this might be implemented, please?

    Paul commented  · 

    Hi Everyone,
    I too have made the mistake of buying Sophos hardware (XG125) without reading up properly, as I thought "What better to run the home edition on?" I'm quite a noob with this stuff but thanks to everyone here have pieced together what to do (I think).I've just written SW-SFOS_15.01.0_MR-3-447.ISO to a USB stick and tried to install it. I get an error "Detected Sophos Physical Device. Please get proper installation source."
    So I guess either the relaxation of restrictions hasn't happened yet or I'm doing something wrong.
    Alan, I didn't remove any partitions before the install. Doesn't the install wipe everything, or is there something that has to be done manually before the install is started?
    I would add that I think it's incredibly kind of Sophos to allow a home use license but then strange to limit the use on their hardware.

    Paul supported this idea  · 

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