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Disable Tamper Protection through Command Line


Somethimes, managing 1000+ or even 5000+ machine its difficult, even more if we don't have built-in features in the console to remediate/uninstall corrupt/broken installations.

But, the main problem is not that. The problem is that we CANNOT disable Tamper Protection remotely to reinstall/remove Sophos AV, in the following cases:

1) Console was erased/failed and there's no cert/db/registry backup (all Endpoint with Tamper enabled)
2) Broken installations dont apply Tamper Policies (to disable it)
3) Migrated console (don't have the old one).

All this would be solved by having the chance to disable Tamper through Command Line. Example

Case A: Failure in console and no backup.

Solution: Create GPO Policy that disables Tamper with script:

@echo off
c:\program files\Sophos\Sophos Antivirus\DisableTamper.exe /password:TamperPassword
c:\installer\SophosReInit.vbs (to use with migration utility)

Case B: Broken instalation:

Solution: Create SCCM colection that does the following

@echo off
c:\program files\Sophos\Sophos Antivirus\DisableTamper.exe /password:TamperPassword

:: uninstall sophos


I mean, you get the idea. If I get the chance to disable Tamper through command line, it helps me to do more thing remotely without bothering the final user and the admin people.

Not asking to disable all without any proof that I manage the system, but if I do know the password, I should be able to put it, either GUI or CLI, specially the CLI, to help automatize.



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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This tool now exists, it's called sedcli.exe and installed with the SED component.

  • Owen Dickenson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We've recently found a need to move some of our staff down to the "helpdesk" role in Sophos Central. This took away the ability to disable tamper protection on a device from within the console, and will significantly increase the impact (and its duration) of an incident which requires removal/re-install of Sophos. With this feature, our second line support staff would be able to uninstall remotely, and then re-install without affecting the end user.

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