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RED: Uplink and UMTS/3G Signal Status

It would be great to know the status of the internet connection uplink(s) in use on our RED sites. Especially with the 3G/UMTS option, perhaps a way could be found to display the signal strength as well for extra benefits?

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    ReinhardReinhard shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Planned  ·  Angelo ComazzettoAngelo Comazzetto responded  · 

    Great idea. This feature will be part of UTM 9.2 which will enter public beta in October. You will be able to test it out at that time. Stay tuned!


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      • Martin DamgaardMartin Damgaard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Wait a minute... this thread is from 2013 - with status PLANNED!?!
        Whats the status on this? Is it implemented in the SG/UTM versions allready?
        If so, why is this ticket still open?

        I have gone straight to XG appliance - when will I have these features?
        To me it is a must-have feature, to see these informations on my RED devices..!

      • JetJet commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Update to 9.2-11, and the UTM GUI - RED Managment does not differ much with the previous version except it now shows RED LAN port status. The RED's LCD status how has an option to display 3G/UMTS Signal Strength but doing so would just display N/A.

        On the UTM GUI, I would suggest the following changes:

        1. Instead of the green-check and red-cross round icons, I suggest that it be replaced with 3 round icons labeled with 1, 2 and U representing Uplink1, Uplink2 and UMTS connections. And beside the U icon is the Signal Strength. The color of each icon may either be Green - Online, Red- Offline, Orange - Standby/Failover or Gray - Not Configured

        2. Beside the icons, instead of just displaying 'Online from xx.xx.xx.xx', I suggest displaying also the UTM host connected to e.g. 'Online from xx.xx.xx.xx to utm-hostname-or-ip'

      • Gerhard IslingerGerhard Islinger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This would be very helpful - i have one customer with 3 REDs at branch stores, where UMTS should be used as backup...

        Unfortunately it's not possible to check if:
        - a stick was detected and recognized at all by the RED...
        - if it has UMTS connectivity,

        so this is exactly the feature requested here that i am missing...

        - stick detected, and USB IDs
        - UMTS connection valid? (should be checked at initialization)
        - signal strength from stick, if possible

        Add to this that we had "issues" with getting any supported UMTS sticks - there is no clear definition what to get, with all the versions with identical names, branding, firmware....

        What we finally did was to get a few sticks from ebay and test them on a virtual appliance if they were detected, then on a test RED if they worked...
        Finally it became clear that where the REDs were there was not sufficient UMTS field strength for the sticks...

        a feature like that would help, especially in arguing with the customer if his sticks aren't supported, there is no reception where he has the stick, and so on...

      • ReinhardReinhard commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        RED Internet & UMTS uplink signal status!

        Display in the UTM internet connection over which the RED goes to the Internet.
        WAN or UMTS connection.
        Signal strength of the UMTS connection.

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